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LevitraA lot of people are afraid of taking some medicines because they don’t know how they work. It is a well-known fact that people try not to interfere with the uncertain things. It is especially essential for men who want to treat their erectile dysfunction (If you have ED, you’re not alone because many other men have the same problem. To get started, you should read this Guide about Erectile Dysfunction and choose best medication for treat). This problem is very peculiar for the stronger sex because few men believe that it can be solved. Generally men do not like to speak about it with others; some of them do not want to admit that they suffer from the impotence and postpone its solution. They think that it’s temporary thing that will disappear soon. If you are one of them, you’d better consult your doctor. Only a professional can tell you whether you have some health problems or not. He can explain that there are medicines that can help you in this unbearable situation that makes you feel weak and abandoned.

Note! Do not start taking some drugs on your own decision! It can be harmful for your health!

Generic Levitra: Why Men Can Trust it?

For centuries scientists have tried to invent drugs that can help men return their strength and self-confidence. They were working in the laboratories every day and every night. After several unsuccessful attempts they’ve managed to create a real miracle for those who had lost faith in everything.  This unpleasant health disorder often ruins the lives of the couples that cannot cope with this problem. So, in what way does Generic Levitra saves marriages and gives men their pride back. We’ll try to explain the way of its action and to persuade you that it is safe for most men.

Mechanism of Action: Levitra’s Way to Improve Men’s Potency

What is erection by its nature? When men feel sexual arousal, the heart begins to beat faster and a portion of blood runs to the genitals and makes it rise. So, that’s why the main aim for the drugs that should treat the problem is to let the blood flow to the required part of the body. What component can make it? After several experiments the professionals came to a conclusion that vardenafil works best among all the other remedies. Patients who took vardenafil noticed the improvement in their sexual life after the first pill with its component. It was the day when Levitra was founded.

Buy Generic Levitra and Let your Intimate Life be Second to none

It is always difficult to make a right choice in the sphere of medication. There are a great number of drugs that are promised to help with your health problem. Contemporary pharmacological business tries to produce not very cheap medicine because people believe that the price shows the quality: the more expensive the drugs are, the more effective they are. People come to the drugstores and ask a druggist to give something really “good” and the druggist understands this phrase like “something that costs a lot”. What to do? Try to take Generic Levitra. It doesn’t cost much but the result is more than excellent. We have interviewed several patients whose intimate life was not on the appropriate level. Their doctors recommended taking Levitra and giving a good or bad reference about it in the medical diary for patients. Some of them refused to do it and some agreed and allowed us to publish the extracts of their opinion:

“… First I didn’t want to see my doctor, but soon I realized that I couldn’t cope with my health disorder on my own… After several allergy tests, he prescribed Levitra. I didn’t want to take it thinking that it would make the situation worse. But I was wrong. Generic Levitra made me feel more self-assured and in some period of time I stopped taking it because my sexual life was better than ever.”

“… I decided to write down my impressions to let other men understand that Levitra is safe for those who don’t have heart or blood pressure problems… Doctors should test you to see that its components won’t harm your health state… Now I take Generic Levitra and finally I do not avoid women’s companies because I feel stronger and don’t worry about the possible sexual intercourse.”

So, you can see that the Levitra users are satisfied with the results of medication. One thing that is common in all reviews is the procedure of medical testing that can show whether you can take it or not.

Where Сan you Get It?

Levitra is a widely spread medicine which you can buy in the local drugstore or in the online pharmacy, for example, Canadian one. Canadian pharmacy guarantees good product quality, excellent delivery service, and professional online consultation that works every day and is ready to take the order any time you like. Visit Canadian Pharmacy website and find more information about Generic Levitra Online or other medications:

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viagra from indiaIs it safe to buy Viagra from India online safe? Is Indian Viagra fake or real? We guess you happened to hear these sacramental questions more than one time. Probably, you were who asked. Internet is full of horror stories about “bad” Indian suppliers and counterfeit Indian drug but often there is nothing but emotions and fears in the base. Here we offer a short guide to Indian Viagra kindly present by My Canadian Pharmacy team that has studied and answered the most common concerns on Indian generic Viagra.

1. Viagra from India is not the brand Viagra

Let us make it clear: when we talk about Indian Viagra nobody claims it is the brand Viagra. People habitually call almost any of ED drugs “Viagra”, that is why the most of generic ED products produced by a few dozen of Indian manufacturers referred as Viagra. This is a matter of language but not a patent. We talk about generic Viagra.

2. Generic Viagra from India is real

However, what do we mean saying “real”? We mean that so called Indian generic Viagra contains exactly the same active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate as the brand Viagra. There are a number of Indian manufactures who sell the drug under their own trade name as Silagra (Cipla), Kamagra (Ajanta Pharma), Penegra (Cadila), Caverta, Eriacta, Fildena, Intagra, Filagra, Sildigra, Zenegra, Suhagra, Voigara etc. Many others sell Sildenafil Citrate under its chemical name.

Those who committed to brand ideals gently imply that generic Viagra only “thought” to have the same composition and “theoretically” can work but it is not possible to say definitely. But that kind of arguments cannot be taken seriously. Such businesses as Cipla, Kamagra or Cadila, that all are in top 10 Indian pharma companies, are legal and recognized manufacturers working according to the international standards and exporting the drugs. And they not only “claim to sell” Sildenafil Citrate, but do this in reality.

3. India is one of the top 10 countries in the world pharmaceutical export

Both in the year 2014 and 2015 India was #10 among the countries exporting drugs in terms of value, but #3 in terms of volume, which means that the leaders of the ranking make their turnover through prices. By the way, India is the only “third world” country which hit the rating.

We still have not similar statistics for the year 2016, but according to IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) Indian pharmaceutical market increased approx. 17.5% in the period from 2005 to 2016 and is expected to be increased by 16% more till 2020. At the same time, if Indian share of total world export of drugs was about 3.5% in 2014-2015, the share of the generic drug market was about 20%.

So, if you go shopping around the web and find that Indian generic drugs are everywhere, do not worry: it is objective reality and nothing bad with that.

4. Generic Viagra from India is illegal for import in US

Although Viagra’s patent was expected to be expired in 2012, it was extended till 2020 and no generic Viagra is allowed to legal import by pharmaceutical retailers. Those Americans who seek for Sildenafil Citrate to boost their potency have the only option to buy generic Viagra online for private purposes.

5. Buying Generic Viagra online you can save a lot

As already was mentioned, being #10 in value India is #3 in volume of the world pharmaceutical market. There are 20,000 pharma companies in India and all of them struggle to survive. Medium and small manufacturers have unbelievably low margins and content with a modest profit. Human resources and energy costs are also very low comparing to technology developed countries. That is neither miracle nor cheating when a generic Viagra bought online in Canadian pharmacy costs 90% cheaper than the brand Viagra in a brick-and-mortar drug shop in US.

By the way, My Canadian Pharmacy has a great article dedicated to buying Viagra online and in local pharmacies. You may want to learn more right here.

6. Counterfeit Viagra and Indian Viagra is not the same

There is also a disturbing issue with counterfeit Viagra: yes, this problem exists. Crime has come to Internet from real world, and there are many way to cheat people. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. You know that there is a crime on the streets but go outside.

The main thing is that you should not equate counterfeit Viagra and Indian Viagra. Counterfeit drug can be produced everywhere: in India, Russia, China, France and even US. You should be careful and evaluate your supplier before buying.

And we want to tell you something else to think about: those who produce and sell fake things normally prefer to choose the most expensive and popular brands to have more profit. It is much more profitable to sell a piece of colored chalk instead of 20-dollars brand drug rather than 2-dollars Indian Viagra. Just reflect on this. Probably, after that you will not fear the words “generic” and “Indian”, as they prove that things are what they are – cheap Indian Viagra and nothing more.

7. You should buy Viagra from India at trusted shop

Even though you believe in quality Indian Viagra, take your time to choose where to buy. Reputable online pharmacy always shares a lot of information with customers, present detailed descriptions and warning about side effects. Canadian pharmacies are the good choice, as drug regulation in Canada is strict and you can be sure that the drugs imported to Canada had proper checkup. You should keep in mind that among numerous Indian pharma companies not everyone keep high standard of quality and you hardly able to discover on your own which is the best one. You have to leave this to professionals who study the market and know everything about generic Viagra.

One of such teams has recently published a comprehensive guide on Generic Viagra and its main types. If you’re interested in this type of information, then you’ll be able to find this guide on the official website of Canadian Pharmacy Mall:

We hope our guide has brought you on the right way in the Internet purchases. Do not delay your.

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In study of Paul B. Marshburn from Canadian Health&Care Mall company et al7, detected that smoking was associated with diminished semen volume, coffee drinking was correlated with increase in sperm density and percentage of abnormal forms, while Alcohol consumption appeared to have no effect. The effects of smoking on volume and coffee drinking did not appear to be dose dependent.

While in the study carried out by Henry J.M. et al8 state that factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption do not seem to play a pivotal role in the etiology of poor semen quality, but a pattern of excessive alcohol consumption may decreases further an already low percentage of sperm with normal morphology.

In present study, all the 08(08%) cases of smoking were having low volume of semen on semen analysis whereas out of 06(6%) cases with history of tobacco chewing 03(03%) had low volume and 03(03%) had normal volume on semen analysis and case with history of alcohol consumption, 2(2%) had low and 8 (8%) had normal. semen parameter.

Looking at the grade of Motility of sperms, in present study, maximum case were of grade – b, motility, which is considered good for fertility function. This was seen with sperm counts ranging from less than 5 million /ml to even more than 50 million/ml. Since the human eye is more attracted to motile sperms the judgment of grade and percent motility by visual method can be fallacious.

Therefore automated methods have now come into existence which is more accurate. Probably non availability of phase contrast microscopy can also be a contributory factor to these results. Thus, the grade, as well as percent motility can have subjective variations and thus looses its significance when only a visual assessment of motility is carried out.


From above study we can conclude that factors like trauma, exposure to high temp, tuberculosis, may lead to testicular atrophy, which can cause infertility and various conditions like Varicocele, undescended tests, inflammation can lead to hypospermatogenesis. Smoking or tobacco chewing for longer periods may cause infertility by changing semen quality. In current study 8% were infertile due to azoospermia, 29% were due to oligospermia, 39% due to asthenozoospermia.

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You might have heard a lot about a possibility to buy such pills as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis online. But is that safe enough to make purchases on the Internet? And which of all the available online pharmacies is truly trustworthy. This is the question that we are going to answer.
Canadian Health&Care Mall is the online pharmacy that has proved reliable. What makes it outstanding among other popular online shops selling medications?
• all medications gathered in one place;
• presence of detailed instructions to each med;
• live online consultation;
• high quality pills, tablets and creams (licensed);
• comparatively low rates (discounts!).
Taking into account all those described features supported by a huge amount of positive feedback left by regular customers and those who solved their health problems with a single set of medicines, might make you sure that here you will always find timely help and support.

Canadian Health&Care Mall website:

Canadian Health and Care Pharmacy: Best Range of Medicines

The range of medicines presented here might be called the best feature of this particular pharmacy. Though the main health problem solved by the meds that are sold here is men’s health, our customers can also purchase medicines to treat the following conditions:
• women’s health improvement;
• blood pressure;
• allergic reactions;
• weight loss;
• smoking;
• anxiety and sleep disorders;
• pain-killing;
• asthma;
• stomach;
• nerves and vitamins/supplements.

Customer Support Service

We are especially proud of our customer support service specialists. Their main task is to answer your questions as soon as possible providing only true and full information. At the same time our customers should know that they can ask to work out a combination of medicines that would provide an optimal result from treatment. Our specialists are professionals able to resolve that avoiding-pills-ingredients conflict.

About the Price

The arrangement of the website is perfect. Thanks to that fact you can make a simple comparison to make sure that pills bought here are of good quality and at the same time of significantly lower rates than those provided at other similar websites.
From time to time we stimulate our customers to become our regulars by generous discounts. At the present moment loyal customers can enjoy 10% discounts for all available medicines.

About Quality of Pills and Side Effects

What our customers make an emphasis on is that our pills produce a promised effect without any side effects. The number of those that noticed mildest side effects is really low. Such cases occur due to individual peculiarities of a patient’s health and age. But what concerns side effects that occur in the result of poor quality of medicines or expired date – those never turned up! Thus, we can state that no side effects are ever expected from medications bought at CHCM.
Here is another feature in our favor. It is that we sell highly recommended pills for men’s health enhancement and other diseases only. NO medications with bad reputation can be ever found at our pharmacy.

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Patients were divided according to the cause of death, and underlying characteristics were compared using a Kruskal-Wallis test, Fisher exact test, or x2 test, as appropriate. Results were considered statistically significant at p < 0.05. Analyses were performed using a statistical software package (JMP, version 7; SAS Institute; Cary, NC). Patients with pneumonia

Results We identified 43 decedents (31 men; 72%) with COPD in whom an autopsy was performed. All of them were admitted to the hospital with symptoms of severe exacerbation of disease, and all died within the first 24 h of hospital admission. The median age at death was 70 years (IQR, 65 to 75 years). The median duration of COPD was 10 years (IQR, 5 to 15 years). Based on autopsy findings, the main causes of death were cardiac failure (n = 16; 37%), pneumonia (n = 12; 28%), PTE (n = 9; 21%), and respiratory failure (n = 6; 14%) Five patients who died of cardiac failure had predominant right heart insufficiency.

Thirty-three patients (77%) had at least one, and 25 (58%) had two or more comorbidities defined as a clinical diagnosis of chronic heart failure, diabetes mellitus, liver cirrhosis, osteoporosis, and pathologic findings of ventricular ulcer, carcinomas, or diffuse atherosclerosis. Of six patients who were found to have carcinomas on autopsy, three had lung carcinoma (all of them died of cardiac failure), two had breast cancer, and one had urinary bladder cancer. Six patients were found to have evidence of deep vein thrombosis on autopsy; four of them died of PTE.

Baseline characteristics, clinical signs, and symptoms as well as laboratory findings were nonspecific. All patients presented with severe dyspnea. Patients with pneumonia were more likely to present with productive cough. Eight of nine patients with PTE presented with tachycardia. Patients with pneumonia and PTE had an elevated creatinine level. ECG and chest radiographic findings also had limited diagnostic value (Table 3). Patients who died due to cardiac failure and PTE were more likely to have evidence of cardiomegaly on chest radiograph. In patients with cardiac failure, vascular congestion was present on hospital admission in most of the cases.

If you need high-quality treatment of male or female sexual disease, we suggest you contact you in this company.

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Background: Patients with a history of asthma-related hospitalizations are at high risk of readmission and generally consume a large amount of health-care resources. It is not clear if the secondary care provided by specialists after an episode of asthma-related hospitalization is associated with better outcomes compared with the primary care provided by general practitioners.

Methods: Using population-based administrative health Australia Pharmacy online data from the province of British Columbia, Canada, we created a propensity-score-matched cohort of individuals who received primary vs secondary care in the 60 days after discharge from asthma-related hospitalization. Total direct asthma-related medical costs (primary outcome) and health service use and measures of medication adherence (secondary outcomes) were compared for the next 12 months.

Results: Two thousand eighty-eight individuals were equally matched between the primary and secondary care groups. There was no difference in the direct asthma-related costs (difference $567; 95% CI, —$276 to $1,410) and rate of readmission (rate ratio [RR] = 1.06; 95% CI, 0.85-1.32) between the secondary and the primary care groups. Patients under secondary care had a higher rate of asthma-related outpatient service use (RR = 1.22; 95% CI, 1.11-1.35) but a lower rate of shortacting p-agonist dispensation (RR = 0.91; 95% CI, 0.85-0.98). The proportion of days covered with a controller medication in Canadian Pharmacy Generic was higher among the secondary care group (difference of 3.2%; 95% CI, 0.4%-6.0%).

Conclusions: Compared with those who received only primary care, patients who received secondary care showed evidence of more appropriate treatment. Nevertheless, there were no differences in the costs or the risk of readmission. Adherence to asthma medication in both groups was poor, indicating the need for raising the quality of care provided by generalists and specialists alike.

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One of the investigators (SS) made daily rounds in the medical ICU to identify eligible patients. Patients who were entered into the study were prospectively followed up until they were discharged from the hospital or had died. Discharge from the hospital was defined as patient transfer from the hospital to home, to a skilled nursing facility, or to a private rehabilitative hospital. All patients suspected of having a microbiologically confirmed infection were prospectively and independently reviewed by a board-certified infectious disease physician (VJF) to confirm the diagnosis and the adequacy of the prescribed antimicrobial therapy using the criteria described below. Patients could not be entered into the study more than once during the same hospitalization.

All definitions were selected prospectively as part of the original study design. We calculated APACHE II scores on the basis of the clinical data available from the first 24-h period of intensive care. Canadian viagra shop The definition used for severe sepsis was the one proposed by the American College of Chest Physicians/Society of Critical Care Medicine Consensus Conference. The Organ System Failure Index was modified from that used by Rubin and coworkers. One point was given for acquired dysfunction of each organ system. Renal dysfunction was defined as a twofold increase in baseline creatinine level or an absolute increase in baseline creatinine level of 176.8 pmol/L (ie, 2.0 mg/dL). Hepatic dysfunction Viagra pharmacy Canada was defined as an increase in total bilirubin level to > 34.2 pmol/L (ie, 2.0 mg/dL). Pulmonary dysfunction was defined as one of the following:

(1) a requirement for mechanical ventilation for a diagnosis of pneumonia, COPD, asthma, or pulmonary edema (cardiogenic or noncardiogenic);

(2) a Pao2 of < 60 mm Hg while receiving a fraction of inspired oxygen of > 0.50;

(3) the use of at least 10 cm H2O of positive end-expiratory pressure, hematologic dysfunction, the presence of disseminated intravascular coagulation, a leukocyte count of < 1,000 cells/pL (ie, 1.0 X 109 cells/L) or a platelet count of < 75 X 103 cells/pL (ie, 75 X 109 cells/L), neurologic dysfunction, a new focal deficit (eg, hemiparesis after cerebral infarction) or a new generalized process (eg, seizures or coma), GI dysfunction, GI hemorrhage requiring transfusion, or new ileus or diarrhea lasting for > 24 h and unrelated to previous bowel surgery. Cardiac dysfunction was defined as acute myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, or the new onset of congestive heart failure. – online store health care antibiotics.

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Can STIs Be Prevented? Generic viagra

A useful acronym for prevention is ‘ABC’:

  • Abstinence
  • Be faithful
  • Use a Condom


Because the pill is taken by many women to prevent pregnancy, men may feel they are off the hook when it comes to taking responsibility for sexual health issues. If avoiding pregnancy is your aim then the birth control pill can be quite effective, though not 100 per cent so. However, the pill is of no use whatsoever in blocking the transmission of an STI. Only condoms have been demonstrated to prevent the spread of STIs during sexual contact. However, it seems that even the fear of catching AIDS has not stopped people from having unsafe sex. Like most things in life, using a condom is simple once you know how. Condoms help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and can also be an effective form of family planning.

Some men are allergic to latex products, including condoms. Most condoms are made of latex so men with a latex allergy should consider using a natural membrane, but these are less effective in terms of preventing pregnancy, so additional precautions should be taken.

Some of the Reasons for Condom Failure

  • Condoms breaking during sex – condoms can sometimes break, especially with vigorous sexual activity.
  • Defective condoms – the kitemark standard shows that the manufacturer tests their products to a high standard. Tests on condoms include water volume and air burst tests, but not a friction test.
  • Not using appropriate lubricant – if you are using a lubricant make sure it is water- or silicone-based, such as glycerin or lubricating jellies (which can be purchased at any pharmacy). NEVER use oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly, cold cream, hand lotion or baby oil with a condom as they will weaken the condom and can cause it to disintegrate.
  • Using an expired condom – take the expiry date seriously, because condoms can lose their elasticity and become defective. After that date, the condom may not provide the protection you need to avoid pregnancy or infection.
  • Re-using condoms – remember always use a new condom each time you have sex. Never re-use a condom and always dispose of it after use.

If you do not protect yourself each time you have sex then you risk getting and passing on a sexually transmitted infection.

Key Points

  • Sexually transmitted infections are on the increase. These infections may have no symptoms.
  • There can be serious long-term effects.
  • Be responsible and practise Buy Viagra Canada safe sex.
  • Wear a condom.
  • Remember ABC – Abstinence; Be faithful; use Condom.
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Can Exercise Be Harmful?

Six Sensible Steps for Safer Exercise:

  1. Safety first. Have a medical store in Canada online check-up before you begin a moderately vigorous exercise programme. Your doctor can help you tailor your exercise programme to your specific requirements.
  2. Listen to your body. Don’t exercise if you have a high temperature or feel unwell. If you get short of breath or develop chest pain, dizziness or palpitations during exercise, stop and seek medical attention.
  3. Start low and go slow. This is particularly important if you haven’t been used to taking exercise. Build up gradually over a few weeks both the intensity and duration of exercise, which gives your body a chance to get used to the new regime and minimises the risk of injury. Wear proper footwear.
  4. Warm up and stretch before and particularly after exercise – this is very good for flexibility and helps to prevent stiffness and injury.
  5. Don’t eat for 2 hours before intense exercise.
  6. Stay hydrated – remember to drink plenty of fluids. Keeping well hydrated before, during and after exercise is very important to prevent cramp and injury as well as helping to optimise performance and improve recovery afterwards. Remember, thirst is a very poor indicator of hydration and by the time you feel thirsty you may already be quite dehydrated.
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Steps To Staying Hydrated

Ensure your urine is clear in colour – urine that is yellowish or dark in colour suggests dehydration.

Drink about a pint of water in the hour or so before exercise, especially if the exercise activity will last an hour or more.

Drink about 150-200 mis every 15 minutes during demanding exercise, especially in hot weather.

Afterwards, drink plenty of fluids, including those containing some salt and carbohydrate (isotonic sports drinks). Avoid alcohol prior to exercise and remember to rehydrate with water or sports drinks afterwards and before taking alcohol.

How Fit Are You?

The following questionnaire can give you a good idea of how active you already are and how much further you need to go to get into the ‘zone’ of better health.


The health benefits of exercise are now widely recognised and some doctors prescribe exercise to their patients instead of pills. It could be said that exercise is probably the closest thing there is to an antiaging pill. This is the one pill you can prescribe for yourself every day with long-lasting health benefits. Try it for yourself. Every journey begins with that first step.

Key Points

  • Regular exercise is essential for good long-term physical and mental well-being.
  • No matter how unfit you are, it’s never too late to start taking exercise and to start enjoying the health benefits.
  • Make an exercise programme a priority for your better well-being.
  • Set realistic, achievable goals.
  • Stay positive.
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Intracytoplasmic sperm injection involves obtaining a sample of sperm either by ejaculation or by sucking it out using a needle directed into the testis or epididymis (ouch! yes some local anaesthetic is administered first). The latter procedure is done when there are obstructive problems in the tubes bringing the sperm from the testes to the penis, although the sperm themselves are normal enough to fertilise an egg successfully. It is also done in cases of retrograde ejaculation, where sperm ‘backfire’, entering the bladder instead of passing into the urethra.

Once the sperm are obtained, they are injected directly into the egg (which obviously also needs to be harvested from the woman) in the lab. This is the ICSI part of the procedure. Then the fertilised egg will be implanted in the woman’s uterus. This is also a critically timed event, coordinated with the woman’s cycle to ensure fertilisation and subsequent implantation in the uterus. Most centres performing these sophisticated procedures report pregnancy rates of about 30 per cent. In the case of those couples for whom they don’t work, artificial insemination using donated sperm from a sperm bank is a possibility. You will need careful counselling and lots of discussion with your partner before deciding on this, since the child con ceived will biologically have another father. Adoption and fostering are alternatives that may also be considered.

Jack and Rena had a combination problem — very low sperm counts on Jack’s part and an irregular cycle on Rena’s. After much thought, they decided to try ICSI and IVF. It worked and they conceived immediately. However, at eight weeks Rena had a miscarriage and the young couple were truly devastated. They didn’t think they could ever go through this again, but after six months they decided to give it one more go…they now have a daughter who they named Prosperity, joking that she was such an investment.

On the other hand, April and Fergus, who had similar problems, looked at the cost of it all and decided to go with adoption, thinking that it would be more of a sure thing.

As you’ve undoubtedly realised by now, the investigation of infertility involves a medical history and physical exam, an analysis of the semen, and then any specialised blood tests, X-rays or ultrasounds that the doctor thinks may help elucidate the cause of your problem, before any remedies are embarked upon. Any illnesses that are present (e.g. thyroid problems, diabetes) need to be treated and hormonal problems appropriately addressed. Although all of this is good for your health, it does not come with any castiron guarantee Viagra online of a baby at the end of it. In around 30 per cent of infertility cases, no obvious cause can be found in either partner and it is this ‘unexplained’ group which has the lowest success rates from IVF and other technologies.

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