2017 December
Posted by: Alyssa Morris in News on December 17th, 2017

viagra from indiaIs it safe to buy Viagra from India online safe? Is Indian Viagra fake or real? We guess you happened to hear these sacramental questions more than one time. Probably, you were who asked. Internet is full of horror stories about “bad” Indian suppliers and counterfeit Indian drug but often there is nothing but emotions and fears in the base. Here we offer a short guide to Indian Viagra kindly present by My Canadian Pharmacy team that has studied and answered the most common concerns on Indian generic Viagra.

1. Viagra from India is not the brand Viagra

Let us make it clear: when we talk about Indian Viagra nobody claims it is the brand Viagra. People habitually call almost any of ED drugs “Viagra”, that is why the most of generic ED products produced by a few dozen of Indian manufacturers referred as Viagra. This is a matter of language but not a patent. We talk about generic Viagra.

2. Generic Viagra from India is real

However, what do we mean saying “real”? We mean that so called Indian generic Viagra contains exactly the same active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate as the brand Viagra. There are a number of Indian manufactures who sell the drug under their own trade name as Silagra (Cipla), Kamagra (Ajanta Pharma), Penegra (Cadila), Caverta, Eriacta, Fildena, Intagra, Filagra, Sildigra, Zenegra, Suhagra, Voigara etc. Many others sell Sildenafil Citrate under its chemical name.

Those who committed to brand ideals gently imply that generic Viagra only “thought” to have the same composition and “theoretically” can work but it is not possible to say definitely. But that kind of arguments cannot be taken seriously. Such businesses as Cipla, Kamagra or Cadila, that all are in top 10 Indian pharma companies, are legal and recognized manufacturers working according to the international standards and exporting the drugs. And they not only “claim to sell” Sildenafil Citrate, but do this in reality.

3. India is one of the top 10 countries in the world pharmaceutical export

Both in the year 2014 and 2015 India was #10 among the countries exporting drugs in terms of value, but #3 in terms of volume, which means that the leaders of the ranking make their turnover through prices. By the way, India is the only “third world” country which hit the rating.

We still have not similar statistics for the year 2016, but according to IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) Indian pharmaceutical market increased approx. 17.5% in the period from 2005 to 2016 and is expected to be increased by 16% more till 2020. At the same time, if Indian share of total world export of drugs was about 3.5% in 2014-2015, the share of the generic drug market was about 20%.

So, if you go shopping around the web and find that Indian generic drugs are everywhere, do not worry: it is objective reality and nothing bad with that.

4. Generic Viagra from India is illegal for import in US

Although Viagra’s patent was expected to be expired in 2012, it was extended till 2020 and no generic Viagra is allowed to legal import by pharmaceutical retailers. Those Americans who seek for Sildenafil Citrate to boost their potency have the only option to buy generic Viagra online for private purposes.

5. Buying Generic Viagra online you can save a lot

As already was mentioned, being #10 in value India is #3 in volume of the world pharmaceutical market. There are 20,000 pharma companies in India and all of them struggle to survive. Medium and small manufacturers have unbelievably low margins and content with a modest profit. Human resources and energy costs are also very low comparing to technology developed countries. That is neither miracle nor cheating when a generic Viagra bought online in Canadian pharmacy costs 90% cheaper than the brand Viagra in a brick-and-mortar drug shop in US.

By the way, My Canadian Pharmacy has a great article dedicated to buying Viagra online and in local pharmacies. You may want to learn more right here.

6. Counterfeit Viagra and Indian Viagra is not the same

There is also a disturbing issue with counterfeit Viagra: yes, this problem exists. Crime has come to Internet from real world, and there are many way to cheat people. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. You know that there is a crime on the streets but go outside.

The main thing is that you should not equate counterfeit Viagra and Indian Viagra. Counterfeit drug can be produced everywhere: in India, Russia, China, France and even US. You should be careful and evaluate your supplier before buying.

And we want to tell you something else to think about: those who produce and sell fake things normally prefer to choose the most expensive and popular brands to have more profit. It is much more profitable to sell a piece of colored chalk instead of 20-dollars brand drug rather than 2-dollars Indian Viagra. Just reflect on this. Probably, after that you will not fear the words “generic” and “Indian”, as they prove that things are what they are – cheap Indian Viagra and nothing more.

7. You should buy Viagra from India at trusted shop

Even though you believe in quality Indian Viagra, take your time to choose where to buy. Reputable online pharmacy always shares a lot of information with customers, present detailed descriptions and warning about side effects. Canadian pharmacies are the good choice, as drug regulation in Canada is strict and you can be sure that the drugs imported to Canada had proper checkup. You should keep in mind that among numerous Indian pharma companies not everyone keep high standard of quality and you hardly able to discover on your own which is the best one. You have to leave this to professionals who study the market and know everything about generic Viagra.

One of such teams has recently published a comprehensive guide on Generic Viagra and its main types. If you’re interested in this type of information, then you’ll be able to find this guide on the official website of Canadian Pharmacy Mall: http://www.acanadianhealthcaremall.com/generic-viagra

We hope our guide has brought you on the right way in the Internet purchases. Do not delay your.