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In study of Paul B. Marshburn from Canadian Health&Care Mall company et al7, detected that smoking was associated with diminished semen volume, coffee drinking was correlated with increase in sperm density and percentage of abnormal forms, while Alcohol consumption appeared to have no effect. The effects of smoking on volume and coffee drinking did not appear to be dose dependent.

While in the study carried out by Henry J.M. et al8 state that factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption do not seem to play a pivotal role in the etiology of poor semen quality, but a pattern of excessive alcohol consumption may decreases further an already low percentage of sperm with normal morphology.

In present study, all the 08(08%) cases of smoking were having low volume of semen on semen analysis whereas out of 06(6%) cases with history of tobacco chewing 03(03%) had low volume and 03(03%) had normal volume on semen analysis and case with history of alcohol consumption, 2(2%) had low and 8 (8%) had normal. semen parameter.

Looking at the grade of Motility of sperms, in present study, maximum case were of grade – b, motility, which is considered good for fertility function. This was seen with sperm counts ranging from less than 5 million /ml to even more than 50 million/ml. Since the human eye is more attracted to motile sperms the judgment of grade and percent motility by visual method can be fallacious.

Therefore automated methods have now come into existence which is more accurate. Probably non availability of phase contrast microscopy can also be a contributory factor to these results. Thus, the grade, as well as percent motility can have subjective variations and thus looses its significance when only a visual assessment of motility is carried out.


From above study we can conclude that factors like trauma, exposure to high temp, tuberculosis, may lead to testicular atrophy, which can cause infertility and various conditions like Varicocele, undescended tests, inflammation can lead to hypospermatogenesis. Smoking or tobacco chewing for longer periods may cause infertility by changing semen quality. In current study 8% were infertile due to azoospermia, 29% were due to oligospermia, 39% due to asthenozoospermia.

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